Empowering legal minds for
professional agility and success

5-Year Integrated B.A., LL.B. Program: An Overview

The School of Law’s integrated program aims to cultivate a deep grasp of legal fundamentals and nurture intellectual curiosity. Building on the humanities and social sciences, it will prepare students to appreciate and master legal doctrine.


We blend an in-depth study of legal doctrine and case law with subjects related to, but outside of, the law. Students will develop an instinct for the law – its applications, exceptions, and interpretations – and develop a unique tacit knowledge of the law that will make them skilled professionals.


Our academic program begins with a solid foundation of Liberal Arts courses, encompassing the humanities, social sciences, and elements of natural sciences. This immersion in rhetoric, logic, literature, and research will support our students’ transition into the legal realm. They will benefit from courses in philosophy, literature, economics, and political science, all of which will prepare them, directly and indirectly, for legal careers.

The academic offerings of the law program will be supplemented by a comprehensive communications program, designed to nurture skilled, confident communicators proficient in legal and critical writing. This sequence of writing courses will hone their writing, reading, and speaking skills, ensuring a well-rounded education. It includes specialized modules in critical reading and writing, legal drafting, professional correspondence and academic writing.


Our pedagogy is carefully designed to cultivate tacit knowledge in the students.

Tacit knowledge is that intangible, yet powerful, intuitive knowledge that an expert possesses, grounded in experience, context, practice, and values. Consider a medical analogy: when a patient presents their symptoms, the experienced doctor instinctively grasps the underlying issues before arriving at a diagnosis. Similarly, a seasoned lawyer or judge relies on their expert knowledge to assess a case, drawing upon a wealth of experience. This specialized skill transcends theoretical knowledge and is acquired through extensive engagement with real-life cases. 


Lawyers acquire this potent mixture of reflection, intuition, subjective insight, and judgment by virtue of their experience and expertise. This knowledge cannot be easily replicated by just reading rules from a textbook or statute book. It has to be acquired osmotically through a careful engagement with legal doctrine and cases under the guidance of an expert teacher.

The Shiv Nadar School of Law is focused on developing the student’s tacit knowledge of law. We will accomplish this through the diligent study of doctrine and cases, supplemented by practitioner-led courses. With this emphasis on practice, students will gain the skills to arrive at the heart of complex issues, present an argument effectively, formulate a legal strategy, draft impactful briefs and reports, and operate under pressure, providing them with a competitive edge.

Students of Shiv Nadar School of Law will be positioned for excellence in any endeavour they pursue.